Kid Furniture

Besides Nam Hoa Toys specializing in wooden toys for kids, Nam Hoa Household with kitchen utensils, Nam Hoa Decor and its stationeries and gifts, Nam Hoa Corporation also has one more member is Nam Hoa Furniture. With the passion for children and the desire to make the children's room a better place, Nam Hoa Furniture brand was found in 2019 and has specialized in wooden furniture for children that range from 3 to 10 years old.

Most of our furniture is made from rubberwood. Rubber trees and its latex are well-known, but rubberwood has just been popular in interior decorations in recent years. When a rubber tree could not be tapped anymore, people tend to leave its trunk to waste because it is not a valuable timber resource. But after the process of denaturation to make it stronger, more durable, anti-termite and less deformable, the rubberwood panels are ready to shine. They then go to our modern production line to be transformed into gorgeous items. 

The timber resources are running out, and using rubberwood means wasting less of it. This helps save the environment. In addition, we are also granted the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certificate. Our products are not only environmentally friendly but also meeting international standards. Some of the wooden product lines as kid furniture are:

Kids’ storage boxes

Kids usually have many toys, and it could be a mess sometimes. We offer the adorable storage box to keep children’s toys in where it should be. The box's size is medium, 450x380x310 mm. It has 4 small wooden wheels so kids can push it easier and also has handles on two sides for adults to grasp. On the front side and back side, there are images of cuddly animals such as penguins, rabbits, or giraffes to make it more eye-catching. 

Bookcases and Shelves

A lovely standing shelf and appropriate height for children can help them store books, fairy tales,… in the right place. Not like the most seen shelves with just long, flat boards fixed horizontally and painted in simple colors, our shelf designs are inspired by children’s favorite animals such as rabbit, bear, penguin,.. The animals’ shapes are imitated and put into our products.

Table and chair sets

We also offer various table and chair sets for children to have fun with their friends when they come to play. Our table and chair sets are made in conformity with the size of two when your child does not have many friends or the size of four when they want to play in groups. The table surfaces can have a special shape instead of just rectangular, round, or square form. It is also decorated with lovely images such as animals or fairy tale characters.
In terms of studying, children can use our study table and chair set. It can help children study more easily every day by sitting comfortably and can help avoid cases of the hunchback, nearsightedness when reading books or holding the phone too close to their eyes.

Growth charts

Another piece of furniture for children is the growth chart to measure children’s height. The maximum height that can be measured is 1 m and it has the appearance of a tall amiable bear. Children can check how well they grow every day and will be more motivated in eating and exercising to have a healthy body and ideal height.

Stand clothes hangers

A wooden coat hanger is great furniture for kids as they often throw their clothes on the ground. The hangers have a solid round base and the number of branches is diverse. On the top of each hanger, there is a little animal figure to make it more nice-looking. With the guidance of parents and having the right tool, children will soon become a neat person.
From the aforementioned furniture, parents can decorate their children’s room as we paint it with bright colors and it has a lovely shape. Nam Hoa Furniture’s products are durable, made from high-quality wood and painted safely as well as ensuring children’s health. Customers’ houses are not only more vividly but also appropriate with children to develop their ability to organize things neatly. 

We are always ready to take orders and can deliver in mass volume. Our manufacturing plant is one of the largest manufacturing factories in Vietnam. It can produce over 3 million products per year. Besides the products mentioned above, we also manufacture on demand.