OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer)  term refers to companies and workshops that are in charge of producing on-demand.

The primary difference between OEM and ODM is that OEM companies are involved directly in the production process, and ODM companies are usually not because they only do the design part.

In Nam Hoa we provide OEM services with high quality products. All your requirements and ideas are professionally done by Nam Hoa and you will be satisfied.

With ODM we cater to the domestic market and retail products here.

The advantage of OEMs is that brands can have their desired products without considering the cost of building workshops. It is more compatible with the criteria of "maximizing profits and minimizing costs" that many businesses are aiming at.

Nam Hoa is proud to be one of the leaders in manufacturing and processing wooden toys, décor items, furniture, and household goods in Vietnam. Nam Hoa Corporation also brings the most reliable OEM-ODM wood products.